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All Pros Against Bullying


What We Do: All Pros Against Bullying

Nick with Queen Creek HS athletes in anti-bullying interviews

Nick gives anti-bullying speech at Excelencia School

Anti-bullying - Delta Woods School

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Nick Lowery
"Creating Leadership Cultures in Schools"

Nick Lowery is dedicated to helping parents, students, coaches, school administrators and teachers change the culture of leadership against bullying by challenging varsity athletes across America to stand up for, sit with, understand and embrace marginalized students in the life-blood of the school. Just as Carson Jones, Tucker Workman and Colton Moore of Queen Creek High School stood up for Developmentally disabled freshman Chy Johnson (, sending a powerful message heard nationwide of leadership, compassion and breaking through stereotypes to the entire school, every student athlete in America can make a huge contribution to preventing a culture of bullying in their school, encouraging the fresh oxygen of compassion, social diversity and embracing character and difference as lessons for a lifetime.

Mr. Lowery is the founder of the Nick Lowery Youth Foundation. For the past 20 years, the NLYF has helped youth reach their highest potential through his leadership programs. Lowery’s Harvard MPA and Fellowship launched NBNY (Nation Building for Native Youth) and NEXT (New Extraordinary leadership) at Dartmouth College, two leadership and youth development programs using cognition and learning concepts to empower youth to make more aware, informed and inspired choices. Lowery was 2009-10 Drop-out Prevention Champion for Kansas and is Founding Director and Former Chair of the National Fund for Excellence in American Indian Education. He is the winner of the NFL Players’ Humanitarian Award, the Justice Byron Whizzer White award, and launched Americorps for President Clinton.

Mr. Lowery is an engaging, experienced speaker, who presents to thousands of children, parents and educators. He can custom design presentations for your school, college, non-profit, business or community event. Topics they cover for students, parents and faculty:

- Bullying and Cyber-Bullying
- Communication with parents and teachers
- Leadership and service
- Diversity

If you would like more information please contact the Nick Lowery Youth Foundation at
and visit the Anti-Bullying page.

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