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How We Help You

  • Teach your students the importance of Focus and How to Focus

  • Build awareness about themselves and their learning and behavior style with the DISC/I-sight survey

  • Show how the crucial new concepts in our Constitution are largely drawn from Native American tradition, the Iroquois Law of Confederacy and Great Law of Peace

  • Accelerate Group awareness and leadership skills through Trust exercises

  • Constantly provide learning exercises through project based exercises that cement the concepts in real time

  • Encourage Creativity as the infinite source of power to transcend habits from a lifetime of abuse, self-sabotage, and depression

  • Practice real-life Financial Literacy with Sharon Lechter's (Rich Dad/Poor Dad) "Thrivetime" board game

  • Provide Outstanding speakers and story-telling power in Personal and group/Tribal Branding, the Law, Music, Art, Ethics, Test-taking, performance psychology and the Media

  • Measure your students' amazing improvement through the Search institute's Pre and Post Developmental Assets Profile (DAP)

  • Witness your students leaving with a remarkably improved sense of Focus, Passion and Purpose


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