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Sponsor a Program

Whether it is a All Pros Against Bullying, an NBNY or NExt Diversity leadership program, we will tailor a program that fits the needs, demographics and crucial details of your school and community to ensure lasting results.

The Nick Lowery Youth Foundation has matching funding to contribute to any program. We are here to ensure you finally have found someone who cares enough to focus on bringing about real, positive change in a timely manner.

Our goal is to leave your community with

  • (1) Children who own their own purpose and role in its achievement

  • (2) School Principals, teachers and administrators who followup to ensure lasting results that can be measured

  • (3) Parents and community members who come away knowing "This is the way OUR community gets it done!"

  • (4) Media in film and in partnerships that tell your story for your school's website and community's social media that provide living proof of the change we want to see and be in the world.


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